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Paul Hekimian’s Pacific Street

Fueled by passion. Driven by performance.

Paul Hekimian is progressive, multifaceted entrepreneur and consultant who
has built and supported businesses, charities, and his own speaking platform
through good character, positive attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Pacific Street Incorporated

Paul is known for wearing many hats- from ideation and production to leadership and mentoring. Through Pacific Street Inc., Paul houses all of his offerings and affiliate relationships to deliver spot-on sales, marketing, systems automation and business development guidance.


Pairing his diverse business expertise with an earnest appreciation for peak performance and competition, Paul established the LA Tri Club in 2000. Five years later he launched the Paulsitive speaking platform to deliver his motivational messages and universal tools to both business and nonprofit audiences.


Moved to share his success with charitable causes over the years, Paul has steadfastly devoted time and talent to raising awareness and supporting both local and national nonprofits, including CDifferent, Coast2Coast Swim and HoneyLove.


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"Paul is a compassionate person with strong dedication for his work. His ability to embrace challenges that are presented to him combined with a truly selfless approach is admirable."

Mitch Thrower, Entrepreneur

"Paul Hekimian is a deeply enthusiastic life force. When he's involved, attached, or connected to something - a group, a business, an idea - anything, he is behind it with full commitment and energy!"

Ian Murray, Triathlon Training Systems

"Though a realist, Paul's attitude is one that focuses on how to adapt, or change, or make things better. He has excitement, encouragement, enthusiasm, and is eager to assist and aid others."

Todd Williams, Network Deposition Services