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Regional Shipping

Partner with company who appreciates that going from Point A to B shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and leverages innovative technology to manage your critical and time-sensitive packages. If California, Arizona and Nevada are in your backyard, we have your perfect shipping, fulfillment and storage solutions.

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Court Reporting Services

Words have power and are the back bone of your cases. From transcription and reporting to translation and videography, it makes sense to hire the highest caliber of services available. A powerful, seasoned network and specialized technologies behind the scenes ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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CRM for Law Offices

Tech may very well be your best friend when it comes to improving and automating your firm. Whether it’s the enterprising power of or the fine-tuning specificity of SugarCRM, we help you choose and deploy the right type of customer relationship tools, so you can focus on what really matters: your clients.

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"Paul is a compassionate person with strong dedication for his work. His ability to embrace challenges that are presented to him combined with a truly selfless approach is admirable."

Mitch Thrower, Entrepreneur

"Paul Hekimian is a deeply enthusiastic life force. When he's involved, attached, or connected to something - a group, a business, an idea - anything, he is behind it with full commitment and energy!"

Ian Murray, Triathlon Training Systems

"Though a realist, Paul's attitude is one that focuses on how to adapt, or change, or make things better. He has excitement, encouragement, enthusiasm, and is eager to assist and aid others."

Todd Williams, Network Deposition Services

The road to simplification doesn’t have to be hard

Paul’s 4 step consultation process



Assessment and analysis of your firm’s current reality- the good, bad and ugly of total operations.


Determine the needs of all the working parts and design a goal-oriented gameplan.


Leverage key tools and train your staff to execute on a customized formula.


Tap powerful 360-analytics to track and tweak strengths and opportunities.