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Welcome to the launching pad of a dramatically

fresh approach to “thinking positively.”

The Paulsitive Speaking Platform

The Paulsitive Movement embraces the opportunity to inspire people to discover their inherent brilliance and live life to its fullest. Paul Hekimian cleverly combines the universal wisdom of renowned thought leaders with current-day perspectives to craft a truly down-to-earth, inspirational philosophy.

His memorable delivery simplifies the overwhelming messages buried in personal development literature and resonates with audiences at all stages of life. Walk away with the perfect tools to acknowledge your own greatness and personal power to build a positive future.

“The Paulsitive Movement serves as a powerful driver to bridge the gap of our collective understanding of what leading a positive life can ultimately mean.” – Paul

A powerful combination.


Paul Hekimian has brilliantly crafted a paradigm-shifting approach to embracing this ambiguous and overwhelming concept of “thinking positively.” The Paulsitive Movement delivers a straightforward message and comprehensible, practical tools that elicit dynamic elements of change and further inspire people to be proactive in their ascent through all stages of their lives.

After years of incredible, measurable achievements as a businessman, entrepreneur, athlete and community leader, Paul experienced his own “a-ha” moment of enlightenment: he realized that his greatest strength in creating these successes came from his ability to connect with people from all walks of life. With further evaluation, he further acknowledged that his greatest joy came from sharing his positive thinking and approach to the game of life! Thus the obvious launch pad for the Paulsitive Movement and a possible viral spreading of encouragement for positive self-image that will further pollinate – or as Paul would say “Paulinate” – the masses with motivation for change!

Through the education of the truths of positive thinking audiences will have a thorough grasp of how to create a brilliant future, beginning with a solid self-image. Paul’s methodology will prove to be one of the great catalysts to the proactive and collective betterment of our society, and will help pay—it-forward to our growing younger generations.

Unique Delivery

Though his message is grounded in the intricate studies of personal development wisdom, Paul successfully adapts his language into a uniquely engaging meat-and-potatoes message. He distills complicated ideas down to the basics of how and why the self-image is the ultimate foundation for a positive or negative life.

The 5 Paulsitive Building Blocks include:

1. Self-image 2. Attitude 3. Laws of attraction 4. Goals 5. Visualization

With an adaptable format that can be geared to each special audience situation, Paul’s down-to-earth delivery, allows for constructive conversation and interactive storytelling. Finally, impactful take-away tools, like his trademark “Choice Card”, and web-based resources showcase Paul as a cutting-edge speaker with a malleable message.

Paul’s special connection to younger generations

Aside from being a father of two, Paul has been actively involved in the lives of countless kids through his leadership in community organizations. He has an intrinsic connection with the youth, who, very much like him, have an open mind to new ideas and creating new opportunities for their own futures. With one ear-to-ear smile from “the Paulsitive Guy”, audiences immediately drop their knee-jerk resistance to authority and not only embrace Paul as someone in their corner, but immediately take to his ideas for helping them change their own lives.

The Visionary

Paul Hekimian is a thought leader for today’s generations of tech-crazed, stressed-out individuals striving for more fulfilling lives. He’s one of those folks whose mind runs a mile a minute, generating wonderfully creative and extraordinary ideas that could enhance countless lives or perhaps even help improve the world. But that’s just the beginning…and usually where others’ grand ideas stop. Not for Paul. His driving force for change generates energy to fruitfully sustain and accelerate these ideas to ultimately attract like-minded supporters from all walks of life.

The Entrepreneur and Athlete

As an entrepreneur and athlete, Paul has created an inspiring story by overcoming tremendous challenges met along the journey of unchartered territory. And through intense reflection of this rich history Paul has pulled two undeniable truths: Attitude is everything and never take no for an answer. From ridicule and rejection to financial duress, this courageous risk taker, has survived these failures to embrace superlative success. His unyielding positive outlook stems from pure acceptance of the choices he makes and the anticipation of more fabulous celebration.

The Community Connector

Paul has abided by and unabashedly endorsed the Law of Attraction, which declares “you get what you give.” Using his industry savvy and street-smarts to craft a prosperous career path, this vivacious triathlete has surrounded himself with a close-knit, loving family and a loyal entourage of friends, business associates and community members. Paul has tirelessly chosen to lead and connect anyone who seeks to create his own way of positive living and grow progressively, and eventually spread the teachings further.

The Humanitarian

Having assessed his journey, Paul accepts that he might just be a thought leader here to create truly great change in society! Through the roles he’s collectively filled, he has attained the ultimate level of practicing what he’s preached his entire life: positive thinking begets positive actions and outcomes. His calling to inspire and teach others this way of life was, and still is, challenged by society’s need for ideas to be tangible. He is determined to help folks overcome the pessimistic belief that this lovely idea of “being positive” is miles out of one’s reach.

“My mission is to share the message that Paulsitive is a way of being. I’m dedicated to having a positive self-image that inspires those around me to become positive.” – Paul