This one’s funny because it was so simple and yet was right in front of me for such a long time. I was sitting at my desk when I noticed bills stacking up and noticed what bad energy it was creating. I opened my drawer and cleaned it out to make room for all my bills. Then I replaced the bill on my desk with positive things that were going on in my life. I had a post card from my friend Jordan Adler who is writing a book called “Beach Money”. It’s about creating a life where you literally work from the beach, I have a few friends that are starting different companies and I have their brochures on my desk. Lastly, I hung a photo of a house (so that I could see it every day) that I wanted our house to look like after we remodeled ours. In the end, I controlled the energy in room by making a simple choice and I chose no bills. It’s that simple!Remember you always have Choices! Paul

Ps, Don’t forget to pay your bills. :)