Designed and handmade in the legendary Bondi beach in Sydney, bond-eye Australia is a globally-distributed apparel line launched to leverage sustainable and ethical production practices in creating high-value women’s swimwear renowned for its high-quality fabrications and no-size flattering silhouettes.

In 2011, when bond-eye was just a glimmer in founder Steve Philpott’s eye, Paul Hekimian was volunteering time to support his buddy’s entrepreneurial pursuit— asking for nothing in return except travel and lodging at each expo. Leap ahead to an ocean front showroom in beautiful Santa Monica, Ca, where Paul has transformed his decade-long friendship into a timely opportunity to choreograph the expansion of the bond-eye brand into the US market.

“I’m living the life in sunny California, slinging bikinis and working from home with one of my best pals and my wife. How can I complain?”

Again, the Hekimian Effect has helped bond-eye not only become a household name as a top swimwear brand, but the magazine and media paps have captured celebs like Lady Gaga, Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, Rita Ora, and the Kardashians sporting bond-eye designs.

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