Est. 2000

LA Tri Club is one of the largest, most successful, and longest-running triathlon clubs in the US. For 22 years, LATC has provided a unique combination of elite coaching and an unmatched network of information, support services, training + racing activities, and social community for athletes of all ages and abilities, with the goal of promoting the growth of the sport of triathlon worldwide.

As the name, face and identity of LA Tri Club, Paul has been a genus influencer before it became trendy. 10,000 members and 22 years earlier, new triathlete Paul Hekimian had an a-ha! moment that would change the Los Angeles triathlon scene forever. The simple idea: Make entry into the triathlon community easy and staying the course fun.

“From 8 to 80, we’ve created a community like no other. I’ve seen marriages happen, businesses startup …we are changing lives daily.”

Today, Paul’s relationships run incredibly deep and wide, stretching to countless other clubs, global sport organizations, celebrities and elite athletes, and companies whose work in the multisport space is unparalleled. He has curated top-notch leadership and an enviable team of USAT multi-leveled coaches and experts. Over its two decades, LATC has garnered the support of global brand sponsors like Toyota, Clif, Xterra, Equinox, Herbalife, Kind, Roka.

The secret to LATC’s success? Swim. Bike. Run. Play. is their motto. Having fun is the cornerstone of the club, and they’ve learned to never take themselves too seriously. As for what the future holds: Further global spread of multisport, and a full-fledged, world-class LA Tri Club racing team.


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