Paul Hekimian has the “it” factor. A positive attitude that lights up a room. A gift to see an opportunity and pounce on it at the right time. To turn everything into gold. To hold the next brilliant idea, plan of action, and network to make it happen in a heartbeat.

Some of it came from his upbringing, but the man has worked hard at tuning his talents and intangible gifts into success. From a distance, it looks like luck just follows him. But don’t be fooled. He is a walking billboard for the truth that when preparedness meets opportunity… magic happens as the payoff.

20 minutes can make all the difference… at least that’s what Paul would say, being born a twin. Add to that two more brothers, and you have a recipe for the highly competitive and energetic Hekimian household. Named after the 4th century Armenian military leader and martyr, Vartan Mamikoan, Vartan Paul Hekimian is a walking contradiction: A 21st century guy, with futuristic ideas, living by old school principles and a fire in his belly to face and fight any challenge in his path. Growing up in Houston, TX, Paul’s first taste of entrepreneurism and self-employment came straight from his father, a first generation Armenian American… whose own extended family took the path less traveled in their own business pursuits.

“Success doesn’t come from shortcuts… it comes when preparedness meets opportunity. Lead by example, by working hard, by always taking the initiative… and keep moving forward.”

After attending the University of Texas to study Radio, Television and Film, Paul was bit by the entertainment bug and hightailed it to Los Angeles with hopes of creating his own stardom. As the story goes for many who have taken that hopeful leap, the reality of earning a living superseded his big screen dreams. But Paul stitched one job into another, into a leadership role, into ownership, into true freedom… and ultimately, a 360-degree life of doing three “hobbies” that bring him incredible joy.

From Los Angeles to across the globe, Paul has earned a reputation as a forward-thinking, multifaceted entrepreneur and consultant who has built and supported businesses, charities, and individuals by pushing boundaries, creating value, and inspiring optimism. Like his father and past generations, he has a talent for taking calculated risks and is second-to-none in forming rock-solid partnerships to affect change and help people and brands achieve greatness.

From bikinis to bees to beachbound athletes, Paul is fueled by passion and driven by performance. Paul solves problems that fascinate him and tries to disrupt the way things were done… to make the future brighter for all involved. Sometimes, becoming successful is all about following the fun… and bringing folks along for the ride. That’s The Hekimian Effect.


If you want something done, done right, done with genius… call Paul.
Lucy Smith, Big Media Co
There is no other connector like Paul. He surrounds himself with brilliant people to solve problems, create magic and change the norm.
Cary Watson, Donna Muffet
He is his motto: Attitude is EVERYTHING!
Andy Jones, My Business